All About Kids'TM therapeutic facilities are designed as interactive play areas where our highly qualified personnel offer pediatric evaluation and therapy services, and other comprehensive resources for families and professional staff. Our facilities are located in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Nassau County. Services at our therapeutic facilities may be of no out of pocket cost to families when authorized through the Early Intervention, Committee on Preschool Special Education, or Committee on Special Education programs. Private pay services are also available.

Services vary by site and may include:

Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Evaluations:
All About Kids'TM Comprehensive English, Bilingual, and Diagnostic (including Autism Spectrum Disorders) Multidisciplinary Evaluations, make use of various assessment methods from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop an understanding of what a child knows, understands and can do with the knowledge gained as a result of his or her experiences. The evaluation results contain valuable information that identifies areas of strength and areas of need and may be used to develop a program unique to the individual child. Where appropriate, evaluation results may be used to determine eligibility for the Early Intervention Program or eligibility for the Committee on Preschool Special Education.

Service Coordination:
All About Kids'TM service coordination, both Initial and Ongoing, involves working in partnership with the family of an infant or toddler with a disability to provide support and services that help the family to coordinate and obtain their rights under the Early Intervention Program or EIP and services agreed upon in the Individualized Family Service Plan.

Individual Therapies:

Early Intervention and Preschool Group Interactive Services:
Developmental Speech and Language Groups
are offered at the following All About KidsTM locations:
Bronx and Queens: Early Intervention (1 hour sessions)
Plainview: Preschool (1/2 hour sessions)

Both toddlers and Preschoolers with difficulties in communication have a wonderful opportunity to improve their speech and language skills while working in a supportive and social environment with their peers. Group leaders are Masters level experienced speech language pathologist. Goals are individualized and age appropriate for each child and may include expressive and receptive language skills, social skills: pragmatics, phonology, articulation, and or fluency. Peer interaction is utilized to promote developing key skills such as:

  • Turn Taking
  • Sharing
  • Eye Contact
  • Age Appropriate in Seat Behavior
  • Attention Span

Children are encouraged to use speech to initiate, respond, or maintain verbal conversation and turn taking. Guided interactive play and language activities in the group offer many teaching opportunities for children to practice appropriate language and behaviors with their peers. These are all skill that will help the children prepare for preschool and kindergarten. Parents are required to remain at the facility for the duration of their child's therapy and may observe group sessions through parent viewing windows.

Occupational Therapy Groups are offered at the following All About KidsTM locations:
Plainview: Preschool (1/2 hour sessions)

Engineered for the preschooler transitioning to Kindergarten, our groups work on pre-readiness skills. Trained and experienced Occupational Therapists help children develop fine motor skills and activities of daily living (ADL) within a small setting. Specific programs are engineered to increase intrinsic hand strength and handwriting skills such as Handwriting without Tears and the writing C.L.A.W.

Social Skills Groups are offered at the following All About KidsTM locations:
Plainview: Preschool (1 hour, once per week)

This group is facilitated either by a trained and qualified speech language pathologist or a social worker. During organized and structured play activities children are utilized to assist the child to work on developing and enhancing age-appropriate behavior in a social setting. Children together, children learn how to interpret social cues, such as body language. Individualized tailored objectives include social greetings, following conversational rules, topic maintenance, and behavior modification. Organized and structured play and organized activities enable children to develop appropriate expression of feelings and conflict resolution.

Parent and Child Language Groups are offered at the following All About KidsTM locations:
Bronx: Early Intervention (1/2 hour sessions; immediately following Speech and Language Group sessions)
Queens: Early Intervention (1/2 hour sessions; immediately following Speech and Language Group sessions)
Plainview: Early Intervention (1 hour sessions)

Parents and/or caregivers, with their children, participate in the parent and child group sessions. The leader demonstrates clinical strategies and how activities can be incorporated into their child's natural environment. Focus is placed on the partnership between parents and/or caregivers and the group leader; emphasizing parent training in order to accomplish generalization.

Family Training and Support Groups are offered at the following All About KidsTM locations:
Bronx and Queens: Early Intervention (1 hour, once per week)

Our family support groups are led by a licensed clinical Social Worker or Psychologist. Group parent training may occur simultaneously with our scheduled speech and language groups, and typically takes place once per week. Family Training and Support Groups provide a valuable learning opportunity for parents, while the group leader offers the following:

  • Specific instruction on effective techniques used by the group or individual therapist that can be tried at home by the parent.
  • Information and specific suggestions regarding child development, play skills, effective discipline, and parent resources.


At All About KidsTM our Sensory-Motor Gyms are designed to allow for our qualified personnel to assist students in the development of Sensory motor foundation skills. These skills rely on the interaction of sensation and movement. Sensory information needs to be organized and processed in order to be able to produce appropriate motor or movement responses that make it possible for children to be successful in their daily tasks. Some of our state of the art equipment includes:

    • Rock Climbing Walls
    • Therapy Swings
    • Therapy Balls
    • Rehabilitation Staircases
    • Balance Beams